Water Softeners

1. Gemline ExStream Water Softener System:

The Gemline ExStream Water Softener Conditioning Systems are designed and manufactured in the USA. This system has been engineered with the latest and most efficient technology of any system on the market and meet the requirements for all plumbing codes. It utilizes the new Fusion XT control system and is designed for both high flow and low flow water demands and have been certified to NSF 44 Standards. So no more flushing the toilet and getting scalded in the shower because of water softener restriction, this system is a true full-flow system.

  • *NSF/ANSI 44 is the American National Standard that establishes minimum requirements for certification of residential cation exchange water softeners that reduce hardness caused by calcium and magnesium ions from public or private water supplies.


2. Nimbus Water Maker 5 Reverse Osmosis Drinking System:

The Water Maker Five is a compact five stage reverse osmosis system. With its green design, it produces great-tasting water while reducing the amount of water down the drain by 25%. Its small size makes it easier to install in cramped kitchen cabinetry.