Water Lines & Water Main Yard Leaks

If water is showing up in your yard it could be that your water main (Main Potable Water Supply Pipe) is leaking. To try and determine if your water main is leaking first find the water meter box, normally located near the street on one side of the property. Then locate where the water main enters the house, normally on the same side of the house that the water meter box is located and should have a main water shut-off valve on the riser pipe before it enters the house. If the water is showing up in the yard in between the water meter and where the water main enters the house it is probably a water main leak.

You will have to shut off the water at the meter box. You will need a special tool called a meter key to shut off the water supply at the meter. In the water meter box there should be a shut-off valve called a curb stop, it is located just before the meter. We believe every homeowner should have a meter key in case of plumbing emergencies which can be purchased at a hardware store or at a plumbing supply house.