How to Shut-off the Water Supply to Your Home

Locate your main water supply shut-off valve, which is typically on the side or the front of your home on the same side that the water meter box is located. (Note) Some older homes have them located inside. If no main water supply shut-off valve is located at or inside your home then the water can still be shut-off in the water meter box near the street. The shut-off valve which is called the (curb stop) is located before the water meter inside of the box on the street side inside the meter box. (Note) Inside the meter box you might find that curb stop is covered over with mud and you may need to uncover to access and also might need a meter shut-off key to turn the curb stop (water supply shut-off valve) off. Most curb stops need to be turned one quarter turn to shut off the water. If we are unavailable and it is an emergency, call your water company, Municipal Utility District (MUD) and see if they can shut off the water leading to your home. If you do not know which MUD you reside in click on the link to the helpful website from the City of Katy to locate your district.